introduce_wap_en Chongqing DuoQiYuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a software outsourcing service company specializing in software system design,AI application, mobile APP software customization development, WeChat platform program development, HTML5 development, direct sales system design, and network promotion. We will do our best to design excellent software for you. Not only will your software be more professional, but it will also increase your business profits!
We are a high-end software development team consisting of system architect software, senior engineers and system security engineers; customize the software features you need. If you decide to choose us, we will provide you with high quality software and services. More than 1,200 projects have been put into practice, and a large number of mature technologies have been deposited to ensure the provision of high-quality software for you; and because of this, our customer satisfaction is constantly improving! This is also our secret to success in the software customization industry!